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Resident Water Responsibility



Each District property owner or resident has responsibilities with regard to their water supply system, and understanding when and where the property owner’s responsibility starts and begins is very important. Specific guidelines on the District’s and property owner’s responsibilities are outlined in the District’s Water Systems Rules and Regulations. Understanding the dividing point between District and service lines that are the responsibility of the property owner is described in the diagram below. In short, the District supplies water through an underground water main and distribution system. (See Diagram Below)


  • The Resident's or Property Owner’s responsibility shall be from the curb stop (which is typically, located underground next or adjacent to the sidewalk along the street), up to and including all plumbing and fixtures inside the house, which includes and is not limited to all service pipe, fixtures, valves and connections (including the water meter connection). Refer to the diagram below, highlighted by the red dash lines (inside area) showing the "owners service pipe & responsibility" .  


  • The District’s responsibility shall be the water main, the corporation stop, and the service lines up to and including the curb stop.  The District is also responsible for the operational maintenance and servicing of the water meter and or remote transmitter (the device only, does not include connection), which is typically located in or on the owner’s property.  


Additionally, the District will have right of way access to the curb stop, the curb stop access, all connection and service pipes to the water main, as well as owner approved access to the water meter and remote transmitter.

District Property Owner or Resident Responsibilities Diagram

District Property Owner or Resident Responsibilities Diagram

The District encourages residents to ask questions and make any inquiries about their water responsibilities and requirements.  If you have any questions about the District water services, projects and related programs, you are encouraged to contact District Manager at 303-858-9909, or by mail at SVMD District Offices by mail at 10252 Stonegate Parkway, Parker, CO  80134.

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