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Board meetings are open to the public, and are regularly scheduled on the third Wednesday of the month at the Stonegate District Offices, 10252 Stonegate Parkway, Parker, CO 80134.  Watch our website for exact date and location.


The District is governed by its community residents through an elected Board of five directors.  All the Board members must be residents and customers of the District.  Each member serves two to four year terms; not to exceed a total of eight years.


The current SVMD Board members include:

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Lisa Hyvonen, Board President

Term Expires - May 2023

Lisa is a +13 year resident and supporter of SVMD.   For over 5 years, Lisa has been actively involved with District business and operations, including past discussions of merging our water resources with Parker.   While serving on the Board, Lisa's focus has been on developing improved District's water resources, infrastructure and open areas making it a great place to live.  Lisa is co-owner of Domenico Food Products, which is a specialty food distributor, with warehouses in Colorado and Texas.  Prior to Domenico, Lisa was in sales with various medical companies, including Sherwood Medical, American Home Products, and Intelligent Medical Systems.


Goal: Continue to have a cohesive board that focuses on District issues, and make decisions based on sound financial principles.

Greg Sanford, Director

Term Expires - May 2023

Greg is the original owner of his Stonegate home, and as a community member he has seen the District grow and change over 20 years.  Since joining the Board of Directors, Greg's focus has been on helping the District complete the $15mm construction of the new wastewater treatment facility, and the regional integration of the WISE water project.  Greg has over 25 years of senior IT management experience with an extensive background in overseeing complex programs within the software and information technology industries. 


Goal: Look for sustainable and efficient District business opportunities that support a better community.  

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Lori White, Board Vice-President

Term Expires - May 2025

Lori moved to Stonegate in 2014 with her husband and daughter. Lori brings over 25 years of business experience to her position on the Board, currently serving as VP of Client Experience and Regulatory Affairs for a local privately held medical device software manufacturer. She manages global development teams and supports product use in diverse locations, from medical clinics in rural Uganda to the International Space Station.

Goal: Lori enjoys serving her community by listening to resident needs, making sound fiscal decisions, while protecting our beautiful landscapes and treasured community assets.

Channing Odell, Secretary / Treasurer

Term Expires - May 2025

Sam Sherman, Director

Term Expires - May 2025


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