Stonegate Village Metropolitan District 





Notice to Residents About Prairie Dog Management

Several of Stonegate’s residents contacted the District’s volunteer Board of Directors, who are residents themselves, about the increase of prairie dogs in the open space areas and behind their homes. They were concerned about the safety of their children and pets along our trails, as prairie dogs attract more coyotes looking for food, and diminished home values. There were also health concerns about the possibility of the prairie dogs carrying plague infested fleas.

It’s important to know that the safety of residents is the number one priority.  That’s why the Board made the very tough decision to reduce the prairie dog population, in the areas owned by the District, to a sustainable level to avoid the plague  -  a decision they did not take lightly.  This issue was studied extensively for 7 months and all options were considered. They hired a contractor known for following all of Colorado’s strict guidelines.  The contractor, as required by the state, posted signs to show that fumigation was used in the process and remained in place for the required period of time.  All the appropriate safety procedures were used during this process.



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