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District FAQs

What is a Metropolitan District? 

A Metropolitan District is a governmental entity with limited powers. The Metropolitan District is established under title 32 of the Colorado State Statute as a political subdivision of the State of Colorado. It is a limited power governmental entity because it has only the powers outlined in its service plan. The board members governing a metro district are elected by the district’s residents and property owners. (Read Stonegate Village’s Service Plan.)

What is a mill levy? 

A mill levy is the tax rate that is applied to the assessed value of a property. One mill is one dollar per $1,000 dollars of assessed value.



The actual value of Mr. Brown’s home is $300,000. The Notice of Valuation shows the current assessment percentage is 7.96 percent.


Actual Value x Assessment Percentage = Assessed Value$ 300,000 x 7.96% = $ 23,880


To determine the property tax, multiply the assessed value times the decimal equivalent of the total mill levy. A mill is equal to 1/1000 of a dollar. A tax rate is the mill levy expressed as a percentage. Thus 98.42 mills = 9.842 percent or .09842 as the decimal equivalent.


If Mr. Brown’s assessed value is $23,880, his taxes will be:Assessed Value x Mill Levy = Taxes$ 23,880 x .09842 = $ 2,350.27



What does the District do with the mills (property tax) it collects? 

The SVMD mill levy you pay on your property tax bill goes primarily to pay down the debt that has been incurred to build the District’s water and wastewater infrastructure.  A small portion of it also goes to operations of the parks, open space and recreation within the District.

Who sets our water rates? 

The District’s  Board of Directors determines the water and wastewater rates based on an analysis of the required revenue and expenses of the District.  The rates are based on providing revenue to equal the operation, maintenance and capital improvement costs.

Can I have any input to the Board? 

Yes, you can provide input to the Board of Directors either by using the “contact us” on this website, or writing a letter to the Board. Please know you are always welcome to attend any of our Board meetings. Should you desire to speak directly to a Director, it is important to let us know before the meeting starts.

Why does the District water open space when residents are not permitted to water their lawns? 

The majority of the open space in Stonegate is irrigated with treated effluent water (nonpotable water).  Because of the size of the open space (100 acres) it is not efficient to irrigate the entire area in one night.  However, consistent with the need to conserve, the District’s irrigation system is controlled by a weather station and ET Controller for the purpose of providing the turf with proper amount of water.

Who do I call when I see a broken sprinkler in the parks or open space? 

Please call the District office at 303-858-9909; tell them that you need to report a broken sprinkler.

If you have any questions about the District services, projects and programs, you are encouraged to contact District Manager at 303-858-9909, or by mail at SVMD District Offices by mail at 10252 Stonegate Parkway, Parker, CO  80134.

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