Stonegate Village Metropolitan District


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The Stonegate Village Metropolitan District, located in unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado, is responsible for four important services for its residents and commercial businesses:

  • Water and Wastewater
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Maintenance of Open Space & Public Landscapes
  • Drainage-Way Maintenance





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Next scheduled meeting is Wednesday at 5:30pm on January 21, 2015.



“District Explores Reclaimed Water Options”

On Monday September 8, 2014, the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District (SVMD) held an evaluation meeting and participated in a tour of the Parker Water and Sanitation District (PWSD) water reclamation system and Rueter-Hess Reservoir.   The Stonegate Village Metropolitan District is in the process of assessing alternatives to capture and store millions of gallons of District reclaimed water.  For more information on this, please <click on this link> to review a copy of the October 2014 Stonegate Messenger article.


Pictured above from left to right, are PWSD District Manager Ron Redd, Greg Sanford, Lisa Hyvonen, Steve Olson, Jim McGrady and Roger Husbands.



“Open Space and Public Landscapes Maintenance”

The District is very happy to report that ongoing landscape maintenance improvements and irrigation system maintenance and upgrades has resulted in the Stonegate parks, public landscape and open spaces looking very nice!  Particular attention has been given to the trails throughout the district.  We’ve also been working very diligently to correct any stressed areas and to pay particular attention to the numerous beautiful flowerbeds throughout the district.  The District is committed to providing Stonegate residents and visitors with visually appealing landscape.  The combined efforts of District management and the landscape contractor will provide continual monitoring and proactive attention.  As always, residents are encouraged to provide information on any issues they may have concerns about by calling or emailing James McGrady, District Manager (office: 303-381-4972, cell: 719-494-3782, email:  jmcgrady@crsofcolorado.com).



Employment Opportunities

“District Landscape Company Hiring”

The Stonegate Village Metropolitan District landscape and lawncare contractor “Keepin’ It Green Lawncare” is looking to fill several part-time and full-time employment opportunities, including roles as Account Manager, Field Supervisors, and General Laborer positions.  Please contact Austin Wenger, Operations Manager at Keepin’ It Green Lawncare, at 303-880-3913 or email at austin@wekeepitgreen.org.


Stonegate Rate Increase

On May 21, 2014, the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District held a public hearing at the Stonegate Community Center located at 10326 Stonegate Parkway, Parker, CO, to review and approve the proposed increases for District rates and fees for wastewater, water and related services.


Opening Day and Update

Stonegate Pool Resident ID Cards

During the Summer 2014, District residents can obtain their resident “Pool ID Cards” at the Stonegate Community Center, 10326 Stonegate Parkway, Parker, CO, after 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.  Any questions or inquiries please contact Community Resource Services of Colorado (CRS) by mail at 7995 E. Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E, Greenwood Village, CO  80111-2710, or by telephone 303-858-9909.



Wastewater Treatment Rehabilitation Project 

In an effort to keep District residents informed of ongoing projects, Stonegate Village Metropolitan District provides an overview presentation for the District’s upcoming “Wastewater Treatment Rehabilitation Project”.   The presentation is located on the Project Page, and can be accessed by clicking this link: SVMD Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Presentation – CRS 19 Feb 2014. Additionally, SVMD held a public meeting on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 to review and discuss the Stonegate Rate Increase, at the Stonegate Community Center, and a presentation is located on the Project Page, and can be accessed by clicking this link: Public Hearing WW Rates 4-16-14 .  Furthermore, the District held an additionally public meeting on 21 May 2014 to review and discuss the Wastewater Treatment Plant Project and District “rates and fees”.


<CLICK HERE> For more information on the District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Project.


The District encourages residents to ask questions and make any inquiries about the Wastewater Treatment Plant Project.  In the interim, please direct any questions or inquiries to Jim McGrady, District Manager  at Community Resource Services of Colorado (CRS),  7995 E. Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E, Greenwood Village, CO  80111-2710, or by telephone 303-858-9909.


2014 Draft Budget Available for Review!

The 2014 proposed (DRAFT) budget for Stonegate Village Metropolitan District can be reviewed by “clicking on” this link: 2014 SVMD Draft Preliminary Budget.  


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