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Stonegate Village Metropolitan District 


The Stonegate Village Metropolitan District community is characterized by a traditional suburban approach to planning, design and layout of landscape amenities. The landscape components can be characterized by:

  • Large Turf Areas 

  • Ample Open Space 

  • Flower Beds and Gardens

  • Greenbelts and Greenways


The most recent landscape plan and designs are based on the 2010 Landscape Master Plan (August 2010), and the overall landscape plan incorporates modern water-wise sensibility and conservation planning.  < Click Here > for more information on the 2010 Landscape Master Plan.   



As the District moves into the future, it will continue to identify more environmentally sustainable landscape treatments throughout the District's community parks, greenbelts, neighborhood parks, and common areas, to enhance the community character, as well as save water, reduce overall maintenance requirements and lower operating costs. 



























PARKWAYS:  20-30% irrigation reduction goal with “turf grass right of way” and ornamental planting in drifts, outside of which is converted to native.


NEIGHBORHOOD ENTRIES: 20-30% irrigation reduction goal with emphasis concentration of water for visual impact.


COMMUNITY PARKS:  25-35% irrigation reduction goal by converting under-used periphery areas to native while maintaining recreational turf areas.


NEIGHBORHOOD PARKS:  40-60% irrigation reduction goal by limiting turf areas to strategic spaces surrounded by native plantings.


COMMON AREAS: 60-80% irrigation reduction goal by converting turf expanses and connectors to native plantings while maintaining narrow turf borders along trails


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