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District Supports Community Reaction

The Stonegate Village Metropolitan District listened to the community during the recent Board Meeting held on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.   Over 50 District residents turned out to express their desires to either retain the usage or find an alternative replacement to the recent the recent District’s decision to repurpose the activities center.

In 1981, the District originally designed, built and established the activities center as an office location for the District business and operations.  In 2006, the District began planning the construction of a dedicated multi-million dollar recreational and community use facility for District residents, and in 2008 the District opened Stonegate Community Center.   The new Community Center provides residents a dedicated recreational facility for their family and organizational events, and the plan was that this would help alleviate and diminish the congestion use of the original District Offices.


During the May 18th District Board meeting, many residents expressed concerns and strong interest to the District Board Members to reconsider the current planning and course of action.   The District Board heard the community, and is moving forward with new plans to engage and incorporate District residents with independent planning committee with the specific purpose of looking at the potential repurposing options for the activities center. 


At the recent District Board meeting Lisa Hyvonen, SVMD President and Board Member, read into record the following statement, “As a board, we are managing a complex business organization…as the district’s utility provider.  We constantly look out for the greater good of the District priorities, resources, and projects. Throughout our term we have followed the appropriate steps and due processes in our planning and executing of the district’s business.  However, we did not anticipate some the resident’s reaction over the use of the activity center.  Please note…we did consider several options, and found the current use was the most cost effective and efficient course of action.  As we move forward, the Board understands the importance to further involve the community in this matter.   The Board will make a motion to establish and start the process for an independent planning committee made up of district residents…to further explore potential construction options and alternatives for an onsite activities center.”


The formation of this independent planning committee is a very important, and will help residents provide direct input into the future use and location options of the activities center.   Moving forward, the District will help the community coordinate and form this independent planning committee, with a sign up and registration processes that will be run and managed by residents.   Please watch for information on the SVMD website.


The District does recognize and understand the community’s inquiry about the repurposing of the activities center, and will continue to proactively work with the independent planning committee to find a favorable outcome on this issue,” says Greg Sanford, SVMD Board Member.


Residents should be reminded that the primary purpose and totality of the District mission is to manage and oversee the 24-hour operations of the many utilities, infrastructure, and services; which includes water and wastewater resources, recreational facilities, open space areas, public landscapes, and drainage-way maintenance.   Additionally, SVMD provides certain services to properties that lie within its borders, including potable water and sewer services to private and commercial properties within the Lincoln Park, E-470 Potomac and Compark Metropolitan Districts.  


Another critical role and overarching mission of the District is its participation in the WISE Partnership.   The District is actively involved in the regional and statewide water supply project between Aurora Water, Denver Water, and the South Metro Water Supply Authority (SMWSA), that consist of 14 Special District and Municipal members who are focused on developing sustainable renewable water projects, and implementing conservation efforts for the south metro region and around Douglas County.


Furthermore, like a small city the District also supports a variety of special projects and programs that directly enhance and improve the community, and each require constant onsite attention and oversight everyday.    The current improvement, maintenance, and service projects within the District include: Community development planning, District business expansion, water plant facilities upgrades, water quality and inspection programs, water well management program, wastewater facility construction projects, water rates study and evaluation, renewable water program, Rueter Hess Reservoir planning, fire hydrant maintenance, street signage improvements, District fence repair and replacement projects, flood and standing water management, Newlin Gulch maintenance, community landscape master planning, community and pool facilities maintenance, snow removal operations and much more!


We encourage all District residents to get involved and help build a better community through recreation, sustainability and conservation.




From 1981 thru 1983, SVMD designed, built and established the activities center as an “office location” for the District, serving and supporting a variety of business activities and functions including the management and Oversight of district management operations, pool management, tennis court operations, voting location, billing, collections, and many other activities.  


As the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District grew over time, from 1000 residents in the early-mid 80’s, to 2500 then 5000 residents approaching the mid to late 90’s, and then seeing the rapid growth and expansion of new homes north of Lincoln Avenue…the District now has approximately 10,000 residents!


Since the establishment of Stonegate and start of homes sales in the early 80s, the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District has always used and conducted some or all of its District business operations at the District Offices (activities center location), but with the increasing growth of district residents and the shared use of the facilities, it had become increasingly more difficult to operate and accommodate the overall needs of the District’s on site requirements. 


Starting in 2006, the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District recognized the importance and increasing need to support onsite District operations and offices, as well as support residents with a dedicated location and facility for recreational use.  The District planned, designed and built a multi-million dollar recreational and community use facility for District residents, and in 2008 the District opened Stonegate Community Center.   The District's plan and intent in constructing the Stonegate Community Center was to provide residents a dedicated recreational facility for family and organizational events, helping alleviate and diminish the congestion use of the original District Offices.




The District has examined the increasing needs, requirements and future expansion of District services. The overall assessment and subsequent determinations by the Board of Directors were based on improving operations and providing more responsive support for District’s residents, commercial businesses and customers.    


  • The District has planned to have district management and operations offices be located onsite and fulltime.

  • Current management company does not provide fulltime and onsite services, as part of their contract for the District.

  • The District reviewed the cost analysis, and determined that if an outside management company could provide the district with onsite and fulltime services, the expense to the district would be approximately $1.2 to $1.5 million in estimated costs, which is 3 to 4 time more costly than current plan of operations.

  • The District has held regularly scheduled monthly and special public meetings about the operations, growth and development of district resources and facilities.  In particular, the planning, design and construction of the new community center (which opened in 2008), the District reviewed and covered the demand, need and requirements of current and future use of the District Offices and facilities.  

  • The District actively promoted and communicated regularly to its District residents at all public meetings, as well as through posted notices on District facilities, information updates on the district website, notices in the monthly billing and mailers, and with informational articles in the Stonegate Messenger.